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The Book Series

Boo Bear has a series of books all starring him! They are in the process of coming out!

The first one is now here this fall! 

Boo Bear & the Blue Dragon

now available for online reading!


Meet Boo Bear and his friend, Kelly Kitty, and their stuffed animal friends, Boo Bunny, DinoFox, Mo Moos, and Guino. They travel in their dreams to Vietnam, learn languages and find the Blue Dragon! But what does a blue dragon want? Find out when you read this children's book in your own bed full of stuffed animals, just like Boo Bear's. 

To read the book online click here.

Boo Bear's Christmas pick:
To read the book online click here.

Coming Soon!

Boo Bear & the Peek-a-Boo Bear

coming soon!


Boo Bear goes to Australia and plays peek-a-boo with a kid on the playground only to realize it was a real koala bear. He learns that koala bears aren't bears at all but marsupials.

Coming Soon!

Boo Bear & the Glow-at-Night Bug

Coming soon!


Follow Boo Bear as he gets lost in a Minnesota forest at night and finds a glow-at-night bug. He learns about forest creatures, especially bugs that light up.

Boo Bear & the Panda Bear

coming soon!


Boo Bear goes to the Great Wall of China where he meets a real Panda Bear. The hard part is finding his way down the wall and back home!

Boo Bear & the Crocilator

coming soon!


Boo Bear goes to Florida and learns the difference between an alligator and a crocodile a lot closer up than he wanted!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Boo Bear & the Bully Goat

coming soon!


Boo Bear learns about goats and the meaning of being a bully.

Other upcoming titles in the series include: Boo Bear & the Baltic Sea.

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