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About Boo Bear

Boo Bear is a character in a book series. Boo Bear and his friends go on adventures to many places and learn new languages and life lessons. Boo Bear is 50% Asian, 48% European, and 2% Sioux Indian, and has two moms. Boo Bear's favorite stuffed animal friends include his bunny, Boo Bunny, and his cow, Mo Moos. His best friend is Kelly Kitty, and her animal friends are her penguin, Guino, and her fox, Dinofox. Guino says one new Spanish word in each book. What word will Guino say next?

About the REAL Boo Bear

Boo Bear is a nickname for a very special boy. He's very much like the character in the books. You've probably guessed the character was created after him. You are right. 


Boo Bear loves to bug his older brother, nicknamed, Dinofox. Boo Bear also snacks a lot and loves to play with his moms outside. He has to be constantly outdoors. He lives in Minnesota but travels a lot. He has been to over 20 countries on 4 continents, and all before age 3. He speaks Vietnamese and English. He loves to dance to music and be read books, of course.


Boo Bear's birthday is 11/6/2013. When is your birthday? 


Send Boo Bear an e-mail, he loves to get mail. Go to the contact page to send an e-mail or e-mail him at

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